Cheshire Police brings in semen-sniffing dog

Cheshire Police Brought

The Cheshire and North Wales Police Dog Unit have welcomed a police dog with the ability to identify seminal fluid.

Labrador Golden After six weeks of instruction from specialized officer PC Steve Gunn, April earned the title of Sexual Crime Scene Police Dog (PD).

She is now one of only three highly trained canines in the UK that can exclusively detect seminal fluid.

Her training was a part of the Derbyshire Police’s successful forensic search dog initiative.

It was thought that using the trained dog would aid in locking up more sexual offenders.

According to the force, the 15-month-old dog is capable of detecting as little as 0.016 ml of seminal fluid, often years after it has been deposited.

After returning from their training within 36 hours, PC Gunn and PD April were put to the operational test when they were asked to help with the assessment of a scene in Cheshire, which called for April’s expertise.

It demonstrates how the abilities of the canines and their handlers play a crucial part in sexual offence investigations in situations when traditional methods wouldn’t be effective, according to Ch Insp Simon Newell.

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PC Dean Allen, the lead trainer, continued, “The dogs can indicate the presence of seminal fluid in locations where conventional kits couldn’t detect it. Once the fragrance has been located, the object or plant may be transported away, and the DNA that has been recovered can be analyzed, leading to more convictions.

As a consequence, we are able to apprehend sexual offenders that we otherwise may not have.

Via: BBC

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