Corgi German Shepherd Mix – Owner’s Guide

You might have heard of the super cute Corman Shepherd dog breed that is quite notorious for being unfriendly and hostile. But did you know that this breed is actually a mix between a Corgi and a German shepherd? Despite the dissimilarity between the parent breeds, dog breeders have managed to create the adorable Corman shepherd mix!

Corgi German Shepherd dogs are usually discouraged to be kept as pet dogs due to some of their traits and often end up in shelter houses. However, after reading this article you’ll fall in love with this adorable breed! 

So read on to explore all there is to know about the Corgi German Shepherd mix.

What is Corgi German Shepherd Mix?

The Corgi German Shepherd mix is popularly known as the Corman Shepherd or German Shephergi. It is a designer dog created by breeders by crossing a Corgi with a German shepherd. Corman Shepherd has received the finest genes from both parents.

Their existence highlights the great extent breeders have gone in order to create new breeds.

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Origin Of Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Corgi German shepherd is a mixed breed and like most mixed breeds there is no clear evidence or documentation regarding the origin of this breed. According to some sources, this breed was created around 1200 BC. However, International breeding started in the 2000s. Despite the fact that the Corgi German shepherd breed has been around for a long time, not much is known about its history.

The parent breeds Corgi and German Shepherd are canine dogs and can interbreed. To learn about the Corgi and German Shepherd let’s first take a brief look at the parent breeds.


The  Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a herding dog that originated in Wales in 1925. Corgis were bred as herding dogs but came to the limelight after being introduced to the British Royal Family in 1944.

Corgis have double coats in sable, red, fawn, or black, short legs, pricked ears, and sturdy bodies. They are known for their intelligence and extreme devotion to owners. With their lively playful nature, they don’t let their owner ever feel down.  This explains why the queen preferred them over any other dog!

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German Shepherd 

As the name suggests this dog breed originates from Germany, German Shepherds are considered the finest of all dog breeds. Originally bred to herd sheep, these dogs now work in public service and are kept as companion dogs.

German shepherds are large dogs with short-to-medium-length red/black or tan/black fur, square muzzles, and triangular, erect ears. They are known for their intelligent, self-assured nature and immense loyalty to owners. However, they also possess a stubborn streak which they probably passed on to the Corman shepherd mix.

How Does A Corgi German Shepherd Mix Look Like?

The appearance of the Corgi German Shepherd is a mixture of traits from both parents. It has the body and size of a Corgi but the head markings and tail of a German Shepherd. These dogs have short to medium-length fur and stocky bodies. Corgi German Shepherds have the flat head shape of a corgi and the German Shepherd’s long, square muzzle and black nose. They have erect ears and almond-shaped eyes that are expressive.

How Big Is A Corgi German Shepherd Mix?

Corgi German shepherds are classified as small to medium dogs, with a height of 12-15 inches and weighing 25-70 pounds. This designer breed’s weight and height vary depending on whether the dog inherits more genes from its German shepherd or corgi parent. Most German Corgi Shepherds are corgi-sized, but some dog mixes are medium-sized German shepherds.

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Coat Of Corgi German Shepherd Mix

The German Shepherd Corgi mix has a medium-length double coat. It has a dense, soft undercoat of fur and a coarse, wiry, weather-resistant topcoat.

The coats of German Shepherd Corgi breed dogs are wavy or straight, with thick fur on the back of the neck and long tufts of skin on the ears and behind the legs. There is a wide range of coat colors but usually vary between golden and white or brown and black combinations. They are notorious for being heavy shedders.

Temperament: Do Corman Shepherds Make Good Pets?

Corgi German Shepherd mix inherits the golden traits of both parents. This is why they are so popular among pet owners. They are highly affectionate toward their owner and love seeking their attention. This sometimes becomes a problem as they suffer from separation anxiety and 

can’t be left alone for a long time.

Owning to the prominent trait of intelligence in both parents, Corman shepherds are also known to possess their parents’ smartness. many pet owners prefer them due to this characteristic.

They can be stubborn at times due to their german shepherd genes. However, with proper training, they can be tamed into obedient dogs.

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Do Corgi German Shepherds mix Bark a lot?

Yes, Corman Shepherds are known to bark quite a lot. This is mainly due to the fact that both parents have strong barking instincts.

German shepherds bark to protect and warn their owners of potential dangers, while corgis bark for various reasons like boredom, hunger, or excitement.

However, Corman Shepherds can be trained into barking less.

Nutritional Needs

A German Shepherd Corgi mix should be fed two to three cups of kibble daily. Choose a high-quality, nutritious food brand and avoid overfeeding the dog, as these breeds are prone to obesity. Provide the right food for your dog’s age group — puppy food for puppies, adult food for adults, and senior food for seniors — to ensure that the German Shepherd Corgi breed receives the proper nutrient balance for its stage of life.

Grooming Needs Of Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Corman shepherd is a relatively low-maintenance dog and doesn’t need any extra care. However, due to their high shedding tendency, their coat needs to be taken care of.

The coat of the German Shepherd Corgi is thick and plush, and it should be brushed twice or three times per week. Brush your dog’s coat daily during the shedding season in the spring and fall to remove excess stray hairs and tangles and keep the skin smooth and glossy.

German Shepherd Corgi breed should be bathed three to five times in 3 months. The dog’s teeth should be cleaned thrice weekly, and its nails should be trimmed monthly.

How Much Exercise Is Enough For Corman Shepherd?

Corman Shepherds are high-energy dogs and a short walk around the park isn’t what they need. So before getting this dog keeps in mind that they require intense exercise like hiking or running. If not allowed to exercise it might lead to aggressive behavior in these otherwise adorable canines.

Corgi German shepherds require one to two hours of exercise per day. This breed excels in agility and tracking events, so enrol your dog in local training classes or competitions for a different, exciting form of exercise.

Common Health Issues Among Corman Shepherds

Corgi German shepherds are relatively less likely to suffer from the health problems faced by their parents. However, they are still vulnerable to several common health issues that usually affect most dog breeds.

Their short legs and long body make them more susceptible to joint problems and back issues. Treatment may include weight management, exercise, medication, and surgery, depending on the severity of the condition.

They are also prone to eye allergies that make them suffer from red itchy eyes. Eye drops can be used to relieve this problem.

Apart from this obesity, bloating and gum problems are minor problems that mostly affect them.

To reduce the likelihood of health issues in your German corgi shepherd, make sure to purchase your dog from a reputable breeder who can provide proof of health screening for both parent dogs.

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Corgi German shepherds are intelligent, eager to please, and quick learners but due to their stubborn streak and are known to test limits. Training can be difficult depending on the dog’s temperament, especially for inexperienced dog owners.

Start socializing your dog with other dogs and people at a young age, and begin training your dog as soon as possible.

Before moving on to more advanced commands, start with basic training such as leash training, toilet training, and teaching your dog to “sit,” “down,” and “stay.” Consistency, positive reinforcement, and treats are effective training strategies.

Is a German Shepherd Corgi Mix a Good Match for You?

German Shepherd Corgi mixes are intelligent, affectionate dogs who make excellent family pets. This dog, however, may not be suitable for some people or lifestyles.

Corgi German shepherds are energetic dogs who enjoy receiving attention, making them ideal for people looking for a single pet to spoil. Because of their nurturing and protective personalities, these dogs are ideal for families with children.

Despite being an active dog, the German corgi shepherd is small enough to live in an apartment. These dogs are best suited to busy owners who can take their dogs for daily walks and hikes.

Who Shouldn’t Own a German Shepherd Corgi Mix?

Some German corgi shepherds are challenging to train and become set in their ways, making them unsuitable for people who lack the time or patience to train a dog from puppyhood properly.

Because this breed has high exercise requirements, they are unsuitable for inactive people or those with mobility issues. Because these dogs thrive on human interaction, they are not appropriate for people who are frequently away from home and are unable to provide their dogs with love, attention, and mental stimulation.

Final Thoughts

Corgi German shepherd Mix is a designer breed that makes a pretty good family pet. People who own this breed are in love with their charismatic nature and intelligent demeanor which they inherit from their great parent breeds. They have immense exercise needs and thus should not be made pets by people who can’t fulfil this requirement. Apart from this Carman shepherds are pretty low-maintenance dogs and thrive in a loving atmosphere.

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