Great Dane Border Collie Mix – Key Information

Are you looking for a mixed-breed dog that is not only highly energetic but also a great companion? Then you need to know about the Great Dane Border Collie Mix, which is a popular designer dog with distinctive qualities.

Great Dane Border Collie mix is quite surprising since both the parent breeds are poles apart in terms of temperament and energy levels. But breeders have managed to create this amazing breed that is in high demand throughout the world. Read on to find all there is to know about the unique Great Dane Border collie Mix.

What Is The Great Dane Border Collie Mix?

Great Dane Collie Mix is commonly known as Great Pyrenees Collie or Collie Dane. This is a crossbreed between two highly popular dog breeds- Great Dane and Border Collie. The offspring is an intelligent dog with the best characteristics from both parent breeds. It is interesting to note that both parent dogs are purebred.

Origin Of Great Dane Border Collie Mix

Just like all other mixed-breed dogs, there is no clear history of this breed. There is no evidence or documentation of how and where this breed was created. Great Dane Border Collie is a relatively new mixed breed that gained popularity in the past 20 years. It is thought that the creation of this breed might have occurred due to accidental mating between the two breeds.

Let’s have a look at the two parent breeds to better understand this designer dog.

Great Dane

Just as the name suggests, the Great Danes are large dogs known for their massive size. Due to their intimidating size, they are also called “The Appollo Of Dogs”. Being loyal and dependable dogs, they were initially bred by Germans to safeguard their royalties while they slept. They weigh around 100- 175 pounds and their average height is 28-34 inches. 

Given their friendly temperament and huge size they make excellent pets as well as guard dogs. In terms of energy level, they are the opposite of Border collies as they tend to be more laid back. Their massive size combined with their friendly nature has earned them the title of gentle giants.

Border Collie

Border Collie is popularly known to be a working dog. This breed originates from Scotland and England. The main purpose of their breeding was to herd sheep. Border Collie was considered particularly suitable for this job of their high level of energy and working drive. 

Moreover, they are considered intelligent which made them further appropriate for the job. They are well known for their intense stare that kept the herd discipline. The most predominant feature of Border Collies is their stamina and high level of activity which demands a lot of exercise. This is why they are not suitable for someone who is lazy and hates exercise.

Appearance Of Great Dane Border Collie Mix

Collie Dane is a medium-sized dog. The physical appearance of Great Dane Border Collie Mix is highly variable and there is no single trend in their appearance. This is because they inherit genes from both parents in a random manner. Most of the time the hybrid will resemble the Great Dane parent while the puppies usually look like the Border Collie puppies.

Depending on the types of genes they receive they could have eyes of varying colors mostly in shades of blue and brown. Their ears are either standing like bats or flopped over. So their appearance varies from dog to dog and heavily depends upon the type of genes they get.

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Coat of Border Collie Great Dane Mix

As already discussed, their appearance doesn’t follow a set trend and tends to vary a lot. That’s why their coat can be of any length ranging from medium length to long haired coat. The coat color is usually a combination of white with dark brown or black patches. They usually have a double coat. They are known to be great shedders.

Personality Of Great Dane Border Collie Mix

Collie Danes have a temperament that is similar to both parents. Just like the parent breeds, they are highly intelligent dogs who possess great instincts. They are quick learners and love to please their owners. Moreover, they are loyal and friendly and make excellent family pets. They value human companionship and thrive on owners’ attention. Despite their friendly nature they are very vigilant and stay aware of strangers. This makes them good watchdogs. However, they sometimes become stubborn and don’t listen to the owner. This might be because of the Great Dane genes in them.

In short, Collie Danes are the perfect blend of traits that make a perfect family dog. They love playing with children but may knock them down unknowingly.

Grooming Requirements Of Collie Dane

Owing to the Border collie genes this hybrid dog tends to shed heavily. This means your house will be covered in dog hair. However to keep shedding under control brush your dog twice a week. They need to be bathed more often because of shedding but be careful not to use harsh shampoos. Moreover, the mixes with floppy ears need their ears to be. This is to prevent the formation of bacterial infections and other illnesses. 

Exercise Needs

Great Danes are pretty lazy dogs. However, Border collies are famous for their high-energy drive. Collie Dane mix tends to follow the Border Collie parent in terms of energy level and greatly enjoys good dog sports. This means they are highly energetic dogs and need a minimum of 2 hours of exercise each day. Failing to do so will make them irritable and aggressive.

You will have to make frequent trips to the park if your house does not have a lot of open space as they love plenty of exercises.


Great Dane border Collie mix is an intelligent dog that loves to please the owner. This makes them fairly easy to train. But for effective training, it is important to start early and provide them with mental stimulation. Occasionally Collie Dane mixes might give their owner a tough time while training due to their inherent stubborn nature. This comes from the Great Dane genes. Early socialization and effective use of positive reinforcement help to solve this problem.

Health Issues of Collie Dane

Great Dane Collie Mix is prone to most health problems that affect the parent breeds. However, they are lucky enough to be at a lower risk of suffering from these genetic conditions than their purebred parents. They commonly suffer from the following health issues

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia 
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Cataract
  • arthritis

Dietary Requirements

Great Dane Border Collie is a large breed and needs a large share of food to stay healthy. Considering their high level of activity it is essential to feed them a nutrient-rich diet that is high in protein content. Feed them 3 bowls of kibble per day to meet their energy needs. However, be careful not to overfeed the puppies as they tend to bloat very easily leading to discomfort. Also, make sure these adorable pooches get some rest after meals before they start running and exercising.

Should You Get A Great Dane Collie Mix?

Yes, Absolutely! Collie Danes make wonderful pets and because of their lively and jubilant nature, they tend to keep their owners happy and stress-free. They are low-maintenance dogs apart from their shedding problem and are great with kids. However, never leave them unsupervised with kids as they unintentionally might injure them.

 Final Thoughts

Great Dane Border Collie Mix is a wonderful large-sized mix breed. It is a perfect combo of traits from its parents both of which are purebred dogs. Their friendly nature and high energy demands make them a good choice for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. They might get stubborn at times but given proper training, they turn out to be very eager to please their owner. In short, if you are looking for a pet who is smart yet affectionate then Collie Dane is the right choice for you. However, if you are a couch potato this breed is not for you.

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