Stray Dog Centre To Be Set Up in Lahore

Stray Dog Centre
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Commissioner Lahore has announced plans to build a shelter for stray dogs in the city. Commissioner Muhammad Amir Jan took this measure for the safety of stray dogs.

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He announced the allocation of 5 to 10 canals of government land for the construction of a stray dog facility. He stated that at the center, stray dogs will be vaccinated and neutered (to prevent dog breeding).

He has made tangible efforts to address the long-pending animal protection issue that has been repeatedly requested by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). He stated that a unique canine protection center would be constructed for the first time in Punjab and that preliminary conversations with LDA authorities have been concluded.

A combined committee comprising LDA, MCL, Livestock, and District Administration has also been constituted at the commissioner’s request. According to the terms of the agreement, stray dogs will be given specific tags after being vaccinated and neutered.

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The SPCA is an autonomous body within the Department of Livestock that has long worked to protect animals. According to the commissioner, the development of a specific dog center in the city would put a stop to dog attacks and stray dog kills.

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