Watch This Paralyzed Dog’s Heartwarming Reaction To Wheelchair Harness

Paralyzed Dog's Heartwarming Reaction

Rose has two crippled hind legs, but as a viral TikTok video shows, she’s far from a sad dog. Rose’s owner is seen approaching her with her wheelchair harness in the video, and her response when she sees it coming is funny. The Internet Is Trying To Get Its Head Around This German Shepherd-Corgi mix … Read more

New Study When Dogs Reunited With Owners They Are Crying for Happiness

New study suggests dogs cry tears of happiness

If you’ve ever noticed your dog’s eyes getting a bit moist every time they’re reunited with you, a new study suggests that Dogs cry tears of happiness when their owners return home. The study was initiated by a group of scientists at Azabu University’s Laboratory of Human-Animal Interaction and Reciprocity after professor Takefumi Kikusui discovered … Read more